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The light is still on



Single channel video, colour, audio

2 ' 51"


I sat by the leaking window ledge throughout the night, with a cup of coffee turned sour, and undrinkable. Suddenly, the lights across the windows lit up, revealing a pair of pants hanging unnoticed by the window, a potted plant on the ledge that I had never paid attention to, and a pair of gloves trapped between the window grille, still dripping with water droplets. Reflecting on those mundane days, I never took the time to count how many hair strands were lost in a summer rain and a blissful sleep.

在一個通宵的晚上,我坐在漏水的窗台邊,咖啡已酸了也喝不掉。突然,對面 的燈亮起,才發現從未留意掛在窗邊的一條褲子,窗台上放了盆栽,卻從未注 意,窗花之間夾著一雙手套,水珠仍在滴落。 回想起那些綿綿日常,從來沒細 心數過,在一個夏雨天,一次愉快的睡眠, 斷多少髮線。

Still images of moving image
Drawings for the Preparation
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