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Flipbook Project

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Watching movies is a common thing, but it is impossible for inmates to watch a movie that has been released recently. "Flipbook Project" hopes to share moments of recent movies with inmates through flipbooks. Flipbook is the most primitive form of animation, which achieves the effect of animation by quickly flipping through multiple pictures of consecutive actions or scenes.


The flipbook "I Got You a Speck of Dust" integrates certain scenes from the recent movie "The Narrow Road", and presents them in a flipbook in the form of stop-motion animation. The proceeds from the sale of these flipbooks, after deducting costs, will fully support the "flipbook Project" and provide free flipbooks to interested inmates. Although a flipbook only captures a brief moment and cannot be considered as watching an entire movie, it is a heartfelt gesture from outside the wall, and the tenderness of the movie is brought into the wall through these small books.


"I Got You a Speck of Dust" integrates two scenes from the movie: 


After Chak's company went out of business, Chu and her mother, Candy, moved to a guesthouse due to rent arrears. As soon as Chu stepped into the room, she jumped on the bed and looked out the window.


In the past, they made a window out of painting and curtains in a windowless ripped room. In a different scene, now they can see the plants in the distance, and sunlight coming through narrow slits.

The latest news of the "Flipbook Project" will be continuously updated here.

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