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Sustainable Art Project - Second vending

It was a collaborative vending of works from two of classmates and me

Venue:            Central Ferry Pier and Discovery Bay

Date:               25.4.2015

Time:              2pm-3:50pm, 4:30- 6:45pm

My works:    8 Paintings & 13 drawings, a book documenting the development of Curtain

Man power: June and four classmates

There was no dispelling in both venues.

Work sold:    One

Some of my classmates joined this vending and showed some of their works. We set up in the Central Pier first. However, we found staying there would not help vending as the atmosphere was quite boring and not much people notice us.  we MOVED to Discovery Bay at 4pm

When we were chatting aside, a couple asked , "Do you sell them?" "I Buy This One." I don’t know how to respond to him as no people talking to us in Discovery Bay so far! He said that he liked the mixture of abstract element and realistic element. He also liked the lighting and windows of that painting. 

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