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All flipbooks sold will support the Flipbook Project after deducting the cost. The project hopes to share a recent movie - "The Narrow Road" with inmates. Some scenes of the movie are integrated and reinterpreted in the form of stop-motion animation. People outside the prison can share the tenderness of the movie with inmates through flipbooks.


"I Got You a Speck of Dust" integrates two scenes from the movie: 


After Chak's company went out of business, Chu and her mother, Candy, moved to a guesthouse due to rent arrears. As soon as Chu stepped into the room, she jumped on the bed and looked out the window.


In the past, they made a window out of painting and curtains in a windowless ripped room. In a different scene, now they can see the plants in the distance, and sunlight coming through narrow slits.








I Got You a Speck of Dust 《送你一粒塵》

SKU: FB0001
  • 書名:送你一粒塵

    Book Title: I Got You a Speck of Dust


    Author & Publisher: June Wong Siu Ling


    Publication Date: April 2023


    Format: Paperback

    頁數 Pages: 124

    尺寸 Dimensions: 7.6 x 12.7 cm


    Language: Chinese and English

    ISBN: 978-988-76944-0-3

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