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In this City

At night, warm and brilliant windows are scattered all over this city. I was used to see the city lives outsides the windows. In this work, I tried to know people inside the windows. I made a set of questionnaire about their living place, feeling about daily life and Hong Kong. 75 pieces of feelings were collected. I called this activity as Feeling Collection.



1. Are you Hongkonger?

2. What would you like to be called?

3. Where do you live?

4. How do you feel about this place?

5. Are you happy?

6. How is your daily life? Do you like it?

7. What will you do during feeling tired?

8. How do you feel about Hong Kong?


I chose 32 feelings and represented them as windows individually. My white shirt was cut into 35 pieces to absorb oil paint and left part of it on the paper. Then, I drew and wrote their words on the paper. All 35 pieces of the cloths were put into a drawer. This work is an experience to understand other people living in the same city.


My shirt was cut into 35 pieces and 32 monotypes of curtains were made.

Oil paint was painted on this canvas and the cloths absorbed the oil paint and transferred the oil paint on papers. It is a container for colours  and trace of the cloths. The images on it and paper are positive and negative relationship. Also, some overlapping of images with different colour is interesting. 


It is not an complete work but an experiment of colour and relationship of images between canvas, cloths and papers. 

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